Cloud services

Scottronic Cloud Services enable a rapid transition of clients’ IT infrastructure to the cloud, delivering all the cost benefits of cloud like unlimited scalability, fully-secure data resiliency and disaster recovery.

A typical cloud transition sees customers starting out with online backup and data resilience services moving to the cloud, then mail with Microsoft 365, and then a full or blended Virtual Private Server cloud infrastructure. We can purchase existing in-house IT infrastructure as part of a fully outsourced and managed solution; or accommodate a blended cloud approach for clients that only what to move part of their infrastructure or some of their applications to the cloud.

Scottronic cloud services seamlessly blend a private cloud infrastructure with public cloud access and full integration of any in-house IT infrastructure.

"Being such a small team we rely very much on the expertise and advice from the team at Scottronic;  they are fabulous, responsive, knowledgeable, always ready with some solution options for us to consider. A great team all in all!”

Bernie Burrell, General Manager, Hospice Mid-Northland

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